Irradiated and Autoclavable Products

Sterile diets for usage in SPF areas

1.) Irradiated diets

The irradiation of vaccum packaged diets will be arranged on request. This will be done by a specialized accredited company by using gamma radiation. The conventional dose rate is 25 kGy (dose rates from 5 to 50 kGy are possible). A recontamination after irradiation can be excluded because of the vacuum packaging.

The customer gets an irradiation certificate with each delivery. Furthermore every unit is labeled with an irradiation sticker. The colour change signalizes the irradiation success. An irradiation is possible for standard and special diets.

Please find more information concerning the irradiation process on the webiste of the company Isotron Germany GmbH. Link to


2.) Autoclavable diets

For completion of our product range we provide also autoclavable standard diets. Autoclavable feedingstuff is characterized by following parameters in comparison to "normal" standard diets:

a) Autoclavable diets are conceived as fortified diets. Due to the considerable influence of heat while the autoclave process, especially some vitamins and amino acids are afflicted with the heat. For compensation they will be added in higher concentrations previously.

b) By reason of the effect of heat, there result adhesions of the pellets surfaces. For minimization, autoclavable products have been powdered.

Please notice: in spite of the powder and dependent on the technical implementation of the autoclave process, a minor adhesive damage cannot be excluded. However, it is necessary to push the bag smoothly on the floor after removal out of the autoclave to separate the pellets.

c) Furthermore, to minimize the adhesives it is advisable to reduce the packing weight. We recommend to use 10kg in 12,5kg bags or 15kg packed in 25kg bags. We use steam permeable paper valve bags respectively paper needled bags.

Please notice: Special purified diets cannot be autoclaved! For sterilization it is necesarry to irradiate them!

For further information concerning autoclaving of feedingstuffs, please read the following publication:
Society for Laboratory Animal Science, Committee for lab animal nutrition, 1998
"Hygienic treatment process of animal feed, Steam sterilization of feedingstuff by autoclave"

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