Standard Diets

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The term "Altromin standard diet" stands for test animal diets

  • produced as “fixed-formula-diet”
  • systematically controlled as to its ingredients and relevant contaminants
  • data documentation collected for many years
  • fixed preset standards and revealed tolerances

Based on this “Altromin standard diet” simultaneously stands for reproducibility and comparability and consequently for GLP-conform test animal diet. The standard diets are within the tolerance limits fixed by GV-SOLAS*.

“Altromin standard diets” can be supplied:

  • as pellets, as extrudates and in the form of flour
  • barrier-free after the disinfection of the PE-bag surface
  • with additional vitamisation (fortified) – auto-clavable
  • as irradiated feeding stuff
  • in different packages from 1 kg to 25 kg
  • in vacuum packaging from 1 kg to 25 kg
  • with chemical analysis
  • with microbiological test report
  • with testing of each batch for undesired substances (certificate feeding stuff), at extra charge

Standard diet – an unknown concept in the German feeding stuff law!

Individual and mixed feeding stuffs, standard feeding stuffs and complementary feeding stuff has been mentioned in the German feeding stuff law.
What do these concepts state? Nothing, except that you can feed animals these substances either alone or as a mixture, or that a feeding stuff as mixture can meet the animal’s feeding requirements and/or that it serves only as a complement to cover certain needs.

Can these statements be satisfactory for a scientist who works with test animals?

In our opinion THEY CANNOT! 

It is good to know that a feeding stuff can meet the animal’s nutritional requirements, but you can feed animals with many things. To meet the needs – the main problem of productive livestock husbandry – is a pre-condition for test animal nutrition – and the requirement for test animal feeding stuff is based on this pre-condition.

Test animal feeding stuff has the task to transform the nutrition into a negligible factor for the experiment.  This can only be achieved through the uniformity of raw materials and ingredients. However, uniformity can only be measured by determining reference parameters, i.e. by fixing standards.

Over 50 years ago Altromin started to set these standards and they have them measured by everyone – therefore “standard”.

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