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Specification of control diets
Specification of special and experimental diets


Special and experimental diets are diets that have been composed of cleaned and/or chemically defined raw materials.

Control diets have been conceived as “module diets”, i.e. that all special diets are based on these basic formulas. The composition of the control diets has been adapted to the nutritive needs of the species concerned. Because of the practiced modular system control diet / special diet, the latter differs from the control diet only due to a more or less wilful variable. Substances made available by the customer are homogeneously mixed with the desired basic diet.

In the following you can download the specifications of the control diets which are the basis of the according animal specific special diets. Based on your requirements, the scientific question respectively the research objectives of the experimenters and also the used animal species and strains, our scientists provide you the optimal diet for your research.

The adaption of almost every nutritional value and ingredient, e.g. vitamin, mineral or trace element diets, amino acid diets etc., composed as deficiency and/or excess diet anyhow, are available.

Please call our scientific consultancy service, we would be pleased to provide advise.

Specifications of control diets (PDF)

C 1000
Control diet for rats and mice

C 2000 Control diet for rabbits

C 3000 Control diet for guinea pigs

C 6000 Control diet for non-human primates

C 9000 Control diet for minipigs

Control and test diets for other animal species, e.g. hamsters, cats, dogs etc. are also available on request. After calculation and creation of the requested diet, we send you a detailed specification of the diet and an individual attractive quotation.


Condensed list of possible special and experimental diets for rats and mice:

Modifications of all values are possible - please contact us for scientific advisory services.

CP: Crude protein, CF: Crude fat, ME: Metabolizable energy, CH: Carbohydrates, CFr: Crude fibre, IU: International units

Please notice: All data provided within the specifications below are calculated averages in air dry feed. Currently, we can provide you this data only in German language. If you need any help for translation and for further information please contact our team.

C 1000 mod. Phytoestrogen free diet
C 1001 Rich in protein (CP 50%)
C 1002 Rich in protein(CP 30%)
C 1003 Deficient in protein (CP 8%)
C 1004 Deficient in protein (CP 1%)
C 1005 Deficient in protein and fat (CP 1%, CF 0,1%)
C 1006 Deficient in protein and low-energy (CP 1%, ME 1000 kcal/kg)
C 1007 Deficient in methionine (0,1%)
C 1008 Deficient in lysine (0,1%)
C 1009 Deficient in carbohydrates (CH 2%)
C 1010 Rich in carbohydrates (CH 70%)
C 1011 Rich in carbohydrates and fat (CH 60%, CF 12%)
C 1012 Low-energy (ME 1300 kcal/kg)
C 1013 Deficient in crude fibre (CFr 0,5%)
C 1014 Rich in crude fibre (CFr 20%)
C 1015 Vitamin C deficient (< 5 mg/kg)
C 1016 Vitamin A deficient (< 200 IU/kg)
C 1017 Vitamin D3 deficient(< 50 IU/kg)
C 1018 Vitamin E deficient(< 5 mg/kg)
C 1019 Vitamin E and fat deficient (< 5 mg/kg, RF 0,1%)
C 1020 Vitamin K3 deficient (< 1 mg/kg)
C 1021 Vitamin B1 deficient (< 2 mg/kg)
C 1022 Vitamin B2 deficient (< 2 mg/kg)
C 1023 Vitamin B6 deficient (< 2 mg/kg)
C 1024 Vitamin B12 deficient (< 5 mg/kg)
C 1025 Deficient in nicotinic acid (< 5 mg/kg)
C 1026 Deficient in pantothenic acid (< 5 mg/kg)
C 1027 Deficient in folic acid (< 1 mg/kg)
C 1028 Deficient in biotin (< 10 mcg/kg)
C 1029 Deficient in inosit (< 5 mg/kg)
C 1030 Deficient in choline (< 20 mg/kg)
C 1031 Deficient in calcium (< 0,15%)
C 1032 Calcium rich (< 3%)
C 1033 Calcium and vitamin D3 deficient (< 0,15%, < 50 IU/kg)
C 1034 Calcium-, phosphorus- and vitamin D3 deficient (< 0,15%, < 0,10%, < 50 IU/kg)
C 1035 Deficient in magnesium (< 0,03%)
C 1036 Sodium- and Chlorine deficient (< 0,02%, < 0,02%)
C 1037 Deficient in potassium (< 0,03%)
C 1038 Deficient in iron (< 10 mg/kg)
C 1039 Deficient in manganese (< 5 mg/kg)
C 1040 Deficient in zinc (< 5 mg/kg)
C 1041 Deficient in copper (< 1 mg/kg)
C 1042 Deficient in iodine (traces)
C 1043 Deficient in molybdenum (traces)
C 1044 Deficient in fluorine (traces)
C 1045 Deficient in selenium (traces)
C 1046 Deficient in cobalt (traces)
C 1047 Phosphorus- and vitamin D3 deficient (< 0,1%, < 50 IU/kg)
C 1048 Deficient in phosphorus (< 0,1%)
C 1049 Phosphorus rich (> 2%)
C 1050 Potassium rich (> 5%)
C 1051 Sodium rich (> 3%)
C 1052 Deficient in sulfate (traces)
C 1053 Deficient in sulfate- and carbonate (traces)
C 1054 Deficient in potassium, sodium and chlorine (< 0,03%, < 0,02%, < 0,02%)
C 1055 Deficient in potassium and calcium (< 0,03%, < 0,15%)
C 1056 Deficient in fat (CF < 0,1%)
C 1057 High-fat, rich in unsaturated fatty acids (CF > 15%)
C 1057 mod. High-fat diet, 35% crude fat
C 1057 mod. High-fat diet and rich in crude fibre, deficient in carbohydrates (17% CF, 34% CFr)
C 1058 Low-fat, deficient in unsaturated fatty acids (traces)
C 1059 Low-fat, deficient in saturated datty acids (traces)
C 1060 Deficient in cholesterol (traces)
C 1061 Atherogenic diet for rats
C 1061-1 Atherogenic diet for mice
C 1062 Lipaemia diet
C 1063 Fatty liver diet
C 1064 Diabetes diet
C 1065 Caries diet
C 1066 Phytate diet
C 1067 Glucose diet
C 1068 Fructose diet
C 1069 Amino acid(s) diet
[Individual amino acids can be adjusted according to customers' requirements]
C 1070 Deficient in choline and methionine (< 20 mg, < 0,1%)
C1071 Histamin deficient diet
C1072 Histaminr rich diet
C1073 Glucose deficient diet
C1074 Gluten deficient diet
C1075 Glutenenriched diet (2,5g/kg)
C1076 phytoestogen free diet for nude rats & mice
C1077 phytoestogen free diet for rats & mice
C1078 phytoestogen rich diet for rats & mice
C 1079 Hypoallergenic diet
C 1080 Obesity & Diabetes diet - Adapted Control diet
C1082 Omega-3-rich diet
C1083 Omega-6-rich diet
C1084 Ketogenic diet
C1085 Flavonoids deficient diet
C1086 Chlorophyll deficient diet
C0200 Pre- and postoperative liquid-diet (highly digestible, water soluble)
C0197 Highly digestible diet (without fat), water soluble
C0199 Highly digestible diet (with fat), water soluble
Western Type Diet (21% CF, 0,15% Cholesterol, 19,5% Casein)
[There are various possible modifications of the Western Type diet series, we would please you to call us for advisory services. We're going to calculate the diet according to customers' requirements.]
C 1090-10 Obesity / Adjusted calories diet- 10% calories of fat
C 1090-25 Obesity / Adjusted calories diet- 25% calories of fat
C 1090-45 Obesity / Adjusted calories diet- 45% calories of fat
C 1090-60 Obesity / Adjusted calories diet- 60% calories of fat
C 1090-70 Obesity / Adjusted calories diet- 70% calories of fat


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