Special and Experimental Diets

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The conception of special diets (experimental diets)

Special and experimental diets are diets that have been composed of cleaned and/or chemically defined raw materials. The reaction of a test animal can and should be purposefully influenced with the use of special diets. For this certain ingredients are possibly added in excessive or insufficient quantities, so that reproducible disease patterns or reproducible deficiency situations can be generated with symptoms that are very similar to those of human beings. Based on their intended use the experimental diets can be subdivided into two groups:

1.) Special diets – by the wilful variation of the content of nutritive or active substances they result in findings that show the general importance of the examined ingredients for the organism or in clearly defined processes.

2.) Special diets that cause the generation of certain experimental points of departure such as arthroscleroses diets, diabetes or caries-promoting diets. They represent imitations of human beings’ disease-promoting behaviour when they choose their food. Thanks to the conception and structure of the special diets Altromin is able to change the mixtures shown in the catalogue according to the customers’ demands or to produce completely new formulas for other needs. In such cases we recommend that you contact our scientists to find diet-physiological and technical solutions from the start.

Due to the special production processes and with a view to the required precision for mixtures, orders for special diets can only be placed from a minimum order quantity of 10 kg.

Our special diets are carefully pelleted in a special process and can also be supplied in the form of flour. To prevent confusions, e.g. between experimental and control diets, the diets upon request are marked with food grade colours. In general these diets can be used unrestricted for up to 3 months from their production provided that they are stored under good conditions and at temperatures lower than +10° C.

If storage can be at lower temperatures, e.g. refrigerator or cold storage room temperatures the storage terms are extended correspondingly.

Below please find an overview of the advantages of Altromin’s special diets:

    • Laboratory production in pilot plant stations that have been separated from the other production plants.
    • The use of cleaned and chemically defined raw materials
    • Offers the possibility of feeding the animals precisely by taking the test problems into account
      (if necessary we will develop a suitable special diet).
    • Can be supplied in the form of flour and pelleted based on a special process
    • Can be marked with food grade colours, which ensures polarisation in tests
    • They guarantee what standard diets may not do:
    • They purposefully influence the animal’s reaction
    • They contain what you define – no more and no less
    • They are composed according to the customers’ requests
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