Minimum Durability and Storage Conditions

Please notice the following conditions for storage diets

Shelf-life and storage conditions

Standard diets
Special diets
High-Fat diets
Storage temperature
< +18°C
< +64.4°F
< +7°C
< +44.6°F
< 65%
relative humidity
< 65%
relative humidity

Minimum durability from production date

9 monts
3 months

0 bis +7°C
32 - 44.6°F
max. 4 weeks

< -18°C
< -0.4°F
3 months

Special recommendations
Special diets with addition of
substances coul require special storage conditions, e.g. vacuum packaging or special temperatures
High-fat diets with a fat content higher than 10% will be delivered in plastic buckets with inlay foil. It is absolutely essential to freeze the diets to avoid microbiological contamination and fat deterioration.

* Please notice the following exclusion of warranty and limitation on liability:
By adding foreign substances, that means substances which will be sent to us by customers, the labeled best before date only refers to the "basic diet" but not to the concentration of the mixed additive of the customer. Possible chemical reactions or derivatisations, oxidative or other modifications induced by environmental storage conditions or influences while production processing cannot be considered by Altromin. Furthermore, please note that there can occur temperatures of 45°C to 85°C on the pellet surface while pelleting process. Please take care of quantitative analyses or other security measurements before using diets with addition of heat-sensitive substances!

After extensive storage tests we warrant 12 months of minimum durability for all Altromin TPF (Total-Pathogen-Free) diets.

Please make sure that the storage room is free of pests, especially while storing open-mouth bags!

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