FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between standard and special diets?

Standard diets are composed of biological raw materials and components, e.g. soya extracted groats, wheat meal, wheat bran, maize meal etc. Special diets contain purified substances like vitamin-free casein, purified maize starch, cellulose powder etc.

Do Altromin standard diets contain any raw materials from animals?

No. Our standard diets contain exclusively vegetable raw materials. We abstain from animal protein sources, e.g. protein isolates, poultry meal or fish meal.

Why are some diets named with the complement "deficient", deficient in nitrosamines, deficient in phytoestrogens etc - why not "free"?

Due to legal concept, "free" means, that the product doesn't contain any detectable contents of the reffering substance. By using biological raw materials for standard diets, it is not to be excepted that traces of the substances are detectable in the diet. It is recommended to use the corresponding purified diets.

How are the batch numbers composed?

Our batch no. are composed of two details: the shelf-life time and the time of production start. These batch numbers ensure a complete traceability and are mentioned in our internal documents.

Example: 070809 // 1122 means that the product expires on 2009-08-07. The production date was 9 months before at 2008-11-07, started at 11:22 o'clock.

What is the reason for the GMO advice on the bag labels?

It is our opinion that currently, no manufacturer or supplier of biological raw materials, especially soya and maize products, is in a position to exclude completely any way of cross-contamination with gene-modified products.

Presently, a minimum distance of 1km is regulated by law between traditional cultivation and cultivation of gene-modified seed. Cross-contamination as a result of environmental influences or other impacts cannot be excluded completely, in our opinion. So we decided to make the accordant GMO declaration for our products.

Mixing of substances into a diet - using a standard or special diet?

Naturally, that depends on the intention of the scientist. If the diet should be used in an experiment, we strongly recommend to use a purified diet. As a result of the used fine components, we achieve better homogeneity, especially for smaller amounts of the substance.

How long will be the delivery time for standard and special diets?

That depends on the order quantity. Normally, we are able to deliver the goods within 2 weeks after receiving the order. Anyhow, if there will be a delay for delivery, the customer will be informed by our administrative department. In return, if you need a diet very urgent, please let us know, we will try everything to help and deliver fast.

What are the scientific cognitions for the Altromin diet formulations?

We refer to the values published by the "National Research Council" as well as current scientific findings. (see also NRC)

What is the difference between pellets and extrudates?

The pelleting process is a mechanically operation. The mixture will be pressed with pressure through a die.

Extrusion generally means that a tissue will be pressed through a duct. The product is placed on one end, dicharged by one or several worm shaft(s) and pressed throug a duct on the other side, optionally cutted. The extruded good will be heated by enclosure heating as well as through the form and engine speed of the worm shaft. As a result of the heating, there happens a starch digestion and a considerable reduction of germs in the product. Several forms and appearances of the final products are possible.

Only 3 months minimum durability for special diets - why this?

Purified diets are used for sensible and high-precision scientific experiments. The storage conditions significant influence the suitability of storage of the diets. We decided to warrant only a short shelf-life time of 3 months for all special diets. In case of appropriate storage and depending on the diet, a shelf-life time up to 6 months is possible. This have to be decided on an individual basis so we can only guarantee 3 months.

Why do we have to pay cleaning costs for special diets?

The prevention of cross-contaminations while producing special diets must have top priority! The diets are used for specific experiments and therefore no deviations, like unexpected ingredients or other traces of components, are acceptable. After every diet production, the pellet press will be cleaned with a special neutral mixture, the die will be reconstructed and completey cleaned as well as the mixer will be cleaned and disinfected. This procedures takes a lot of time and material - but this brings safety for the customers and us, too, and guarantees high-quality products!

What's the reason that I cannot order special diets by phone?

We would kindly like to ask you for your understanding that we need a written order inclusive the delivery and invoice address - this rules out any misunderstandings and provides a fast delivery in due time! But as a matter of course we are pleased to assist you for all questions by phone and furthermore you can announce and agree your following order.

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