Analytical Reports and Retention Samples

Analytical reports of Altromin diets

Altromin commisions only effective accredited German laboratories (DIN EN ISO 17025) to examine the final products. By request the customer gets a batch-related examination of the diets, at extra charge. The reports are available in German and English language. If desired the results will be transmitted by email or fax before the ordered goods will be delivered to the customer.

Weender-analysis (wet chemically)
(comprises the quantitative analyses of crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, crude ash as well as determination of moisture and pellet hardness)

Mikrobiological analysis
(comprises the quantitative analyses of following parameters: yeasts, moulds, lactic acid bacteria, enterobacteriacea, coagulase-positive staphylococci, salmonella ssp. (qualitative) as well as the aerobic total germ count)

Analysis of undesired substances and contaminants
(comprises the quantitative examination of following substances: aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2, heavy metals, fluorine and selenium, organic chlorinated pesticides, organic phosphorus pesticides, pyrethroids, PCBs and a qualitative test for inhibitors)

The above-mentioned analyses are available as single tests or as complete GLP-analysis which contains all. Further analytical parameters are available on request.

Retention samples and storage of the samples

All retention samples will be stored 3 months longer than the declared and labeled expiration date. The storage happens compliant to GMP/GLP. Transformations or variations because of chemical, physical or biological influences have been minimised. We are able to provide a representative follow-up examination anytime.

Pictures of the storage room. Approx. 600-750g of each diet.

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