Special and Experimental Diets

Diets with addition of chemical and pharmaceutical active substances

The control diets represent a special sector of our special diets (see also special diets).
Control diets have been conceived as “module diets”, i.e. that all special diets are based on these basic formulas.
The composition of the control diets has been adapted to the nutritive needs of the species concerned.

Because of the practiced modular system control diet / special diet, the latter differs from the control diet only due to a more or less wilful variable. Substances made available by the customer are homogeneously mixed with the desired basic diet.

Altromin gives a guarantee for test and control diets

  • a uniform mixing batch
  • a uniform energy content
  • uniform pellet hardness
  • GLP-conform storage of the retention samples
  • GLP-conform documentation

Test and control diets can also be supplied in the form of flour.

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