"Diet-Induced Obesity" (DIO) / "Adjusted Calories" Diets

We have a pleasure to inform you that Altromin has developped a new operation to pelletize (traditional 10mm pellets) high-fat diets with a maximum content of crude fat of 42% (approx. 70 kcal% of fat).

So far, diets with a content of crude fat more than 25% are delivered in pasty form. A controlled and easy application of the diet within the experiment are hard and complicated. To fulfill the requirements of the scientists we developed a new method which allows to provide all high-fat diets as 10mm pellets.

Data specification:
C 1090-10 High-Fat Diet, 10% kcal% of fat (approx. 4% crude fat concentration)
C 1090-25 High-Fat Diet, 25% kcal% of fat (approx. 10% crude fat concentration)
C 1090-45 High-Fat Diet, 45 kcal% of fat (approx. 22% crude fat concentration)
C 1090-60 High-Fat Diet, 60% kcal% of fat (approx. 34% crude fat concentration)
C 1090-70 High-Fat Diet, 70% kcal% of fat (approx. 42% crude fat concentration)

* Other fat contents possible on request! Please call our staff!
** Information about corresponding control diets available on request!

Overview: kcal% relating to metabolizable energy [ME] (calculated values)

Picture: 60% calories from fat (lard) - diet contains 34% crude fat

Of course, a colouring of the diets is available on request!

The diets will be delivered in plastic buckets with PE-inlay foil. High-fat diets should be stored under controlled environmental conditions - we recommend a frozen storage at temperatures < -18°C.
Please note our recommendations...

Please talk to our staff for more information and advisory services!

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