Quality Management

Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1999

“Mistakes are pure wastage, and if they are not detected the customers’ expectations regarding quality will not be fulfilled”

Quality control, quality assurance and quality management are important components of a company on the way to TQM (Total Quality Management) and are closely connected with each other. The philosophy to involve all employees, all business processes and the total production cycle into quality-related efforts is an effective approach towards Total Quality Management. TQM puts quality into the focus and by ensuring satisfied customers aims for long-term business successes and profit for the members of the organisation and for the company itself.

The customers’ demands and expectations increase and/or change continuously. Therefore the QM-system is also to be continuously improved and further developed, to be always able to meet the customers’ requirements and expectations.

An implemented QM system does not mean that the company has definitely reached its goals.

The Altromin Company has got and is maintaining a quality management system based on the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001. This system is applied throughout the whole company.

The purpose of this system is to ensure the customers’ satisfaction, to reach the product quality strived for and to increase the company’s efficiency and that of its processes. A process model of the company’s internal activities has been developed for this which is intended to make clear the integration of the individual processes and their reciprocal interaction. This is the basis for the implementation of PDCA-circles – plan, do, check, and act.

The process is planned and/or determined before its implementation. Depending on the process, efficiency is checked either during or after its implementation. If mistakes occur or if possibilities of improvement are recognised the responsible people have to intervene in the process. Should this not be possible during the process devolution, changes to the processes must be made not later than at the next review.

The company’s processes are gathered in the quality manual. These processes have been subdivided into management, core and supporting processes. Responsibilities and authorities are determined, process interfaces are shown and communication is defined. Management processes have above all controlling functions for the core and supporting processes. The tasks of these superior processes are to plan, organise, evaluate, and improve the whole quality system.

Version 1–3 of Altromin GmbH’s quality manual has been published in the year 2007 and it represents the third completely revised and adapted version. Currently the manual has over 500 pages, plus work and process instructions (SOP's), production and control regulations and quality records.

The company and quality policy determined by the management forms the basis for all quality efforts.

The company’s policy has been moulded by the responsibility which has accrued from the correlations:

  • Feeding stuff influences the biological characteristics and the reaction of laboratory animals
  • Mixed feeding stuff is a component of the upgrading chain from the raw materials to the marketable foodstuffs of animal origin
  • High quality is an essential condition for competitiveness and thus for the company’s economic future and for that of its employees and it results from the observance of legal feeding
    stuff-related regulations.

The quality-related objectives are orientated on safe findings regarding animal nutrition, feeding stuff science, technology, and legal prescriptions. They mainly focus on

    • Reliability
    • Sanitary and hygienic innocuousness
    • Animal specific upgrading.

    In 2004 Altromin has implemented a self-control and self-monitoring system in accordance to HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). The risk analysis is a guidance system to handle critical control points (CCP, better: critical check points) which run from microbiological, chemical and physical risks from raw materials, all manufacturing processes to the point of final products and delivery processes.

    In the year 2006 the implementing of the recommendations of the GMP guideline (GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice) has been realized. This guideline qualifies the production of medicinal products like pharmaceutical ingredients for feeding stuff.

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