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Production of standard diets

Standardization of animal feeding stuff is not only a question of assortment of raw materials or conception of formulas. Special production processes are necessary, e.g. reduction of germs, mixing accuracy (1:100.000), exclusion of undesired contaminants (prevention of cross contamination), optimum physical attributes of the pellets respectively the extrudates (e.g. hardness and minimum abrasion), least deviations and variations in nutritional values in each batch - qualitative attributes which are insignificant in the farm animal sector.

To live up to high expectations for producing laboratory animal feed, Altromin established an own department "production, technique and technology". They created production processes and developped equipment and machines which have been used also of our international partners.

Our production equipment is going to be upgraded permanently by our engineering department. In the year 2002 we established a new production site in Lage. At the moment we equip the new production plant with the newest technique. A team of qualified scientists is responsible for further development and inspection of the Altromin products.

Altromin purchases raw materials only from reliable high-capacity suppliers with whom we created longtime successful business connections. They will be regularly audited by our quality management department.

As an accredited apprenticing company we offer jobs as qualified person for food technique. After succesful professional education Altromin tries to commit the employees to the company.

That warrants that the employees learn the company and quality philosophy at an early stage as well as the production processes. Within the scope of quality management we organize and accomplish lots of internal and external trainigs and further educations.



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