Short portrait about Altromin

Altromin produces

  • standard feeding stuff for the breeding and maintenance of test animals (standard diets)
  • standard diets to generate excess or deficiency symptoms (special diets, purified diets)
  • standard diets mixed with special substances (test diets)

The feeding stuff of laboratory animals is an essential factor of the experiment as it influences the animals’ reactions. All laboratory animals – from amphibians and rodents to primates - need special diets to ensure husbandry and nutrition which is appropriate to the species.

We have determined the laboratory animals’ needs of nutritive and active substances. We attentively observe all the new findings and evaluate them to meet the nutritional and psychological requirements of the animal species involved.

Altromin- Spezialfutter GmbH & Co. KG is a middle-class mixed feeding stuff manufacturer working on an international scale.
The Altromin GmbH Company’s origin is in a mill which was mentioned for the first time in documents dating from the 14th century. In 1882 the Altrogge family took over the baronial mill. In 1952 Hans Altrogge founded the independent feeding stuff production sector and they started with the production of feeding stuff for productive livestock breeding and husbandry. In the middle of the Fifties the company was confronted with the difficulties of standardising the nutrition of laboratory animals. In biomedical research it had been found that the reactions of test animals were influenced by their nutrition. 

Together with specialised scientists from the pharmaceutical industry and university institutes Altromin developed the first “Altromin standard diets” for laboratory animals. Comprehensive scientific essays were published in 1961 and marked the start of laboratory animal nutrition on a scientific basis. Altromin GmbH being the only specialised company of this type quickly gained the essential market share in Germany. At the beginning of the Seventies a scientific service department was established at Altromin which since that time has been engaged in the development of laboratory animal feeding stuff and is carrying out well-founded scientific consulting regarding nutrition that is appropriate to the animal species and nutrition tests at the experimenter.

Not only this consulting but also the high level of standardisation of the Altromin diets is to be considered as an animal protection measure as it reduces the number of animals to be tested.

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