Laboratory Production

Production of special and experimental diets

Some standard and special diets will be produced in our modern laboratory.

This laboratory fulfills all current GMP-requirements and accomplishs superior criteria, e.g. as required by the Germany food and feed law.

This warrants us and our customers' proper products and a complete traceability from weighting to packaging.

Presentation of our laboratory

Our new production system provides:

- a modern weighting system based on calibrated precision scales

- an EDP related formula and weighting system

- logging and verification of the used raw materials and components - access security system and audit trail according to FDA requirements - validation according to GAMP / FDA

- different batch mixers, batch sizes from 10 to 3000kg

- special mixing tools assure highest mixing accuracy and homogeneity

- diverse pelleting sizes possible from 2 up to 15mm in diameter

- prevention of cross-contamination because of plant engineering

- production site is strictly separated from standard production

- quality management system according to GMP requirements assures optimal production flow


Your advantages at a glance:

- HACCP and GMP compliant production
- production management and control will be done by qualified staff
- small batch sizes, minimum only 10kg
- detailed data-sheets of the diets, on demand
- fast delivery, normally within 7 - 10 working days
- qualified and friendly customer advisory service and consultancy

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