Annotation of the Managing Director

Short introduction of the CEO

H.-L. Altrogge
Managing Director

"Our diets are more than only animal feed - our diets are standard!"

Dear Sir or Madam,

we can reflect upon 50 years of experience and know-how in animal nutrition of test animals. The qualified alimentation of laboratory animals exerts fundamental influence on the research success and the reproducibility of the experiment. Altromin assumes responsibility and supports their customers aside from providing high-standardized animal diets with knowledgeable scientific consultancy and capacious professional customer advisory service.

Our core competence is the development and production of customized nutritional solutions for laboratory animals which comprises apart from the standard diets for breeding and maintenance just as well the conceptual design of special diets and GMP-compliant manufacturing in our laboratory (technical center).

The code of practice of our skills remains the realization of latest nutritional and physiological cognitions accommodating the responsible production methods as well as the application of dedicated raw materials. The guidelines of GV-SOLAS and formalities given by GMP and GLP (OECD in cooperation with FDA and NIH) have been implemented without any qualification.

The satisfaction of our customers take always center stage of our work - but not only the scientists but also the animals are our customers! The performance of requirements has been first priority!

I hope we were able to be of assistance to you with the information provided on our website.

Yours faithfully and with best wishes

Hans-Leopold Altrogge

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